Who we are

Sev7n is an initiative that offers high quality education by networking with educators all over the world.  The idea is to offer assistance in variety of subjects by experts who have exposure of numerous years in the respective area of knowledge. This specifically involves showcasing skills of each subject matter expert so that students can have access to their services irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

Our Mission is to offer professional development to IB and IGCSE students from various communities and culture so that they can score a perfect Sev7n in each subject. Sev7n helps to connect people who want offer their services to students.

Our Vision is to provide and exchange best education solutions to IB and IGCSE students. Sev7n stands to support the fundamental right of every student to explore objective of the subject being studied.

Modern Innovations meet Traditional Student Needs

We also try to incorporate the latest technologies and inventions to make accessing our courses a breeze. Through our intensive topic structure and individual student focus, we try to provide personalised services that support the diverse needs of every student. With all-inclusive lessons that will take the student through every minute detail of the subject and question banks that are designed to test essential knowledge, we ensure our students master the topics they study. We also provide round the clock live tutor support that can provide personal assistance in times of urgent need.

Providing Support and Maximizing Comfort

By incorporating comprehensive education models with modern amenities such as the internet, students can begin learning in their own space in comfort. Making education not only accessible but also affordable, no student should feel less than fully prepared during the IB board exam prep. Leveraging quality teachers, well managed courses and innovative technology makes us the perfect partner for any aspiring IB student!

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